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Vladimir Megre - Parables

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Vladimir Megre - Parables
Format :  pdf / epub / fb2 / mobi / online / and others
Size, Mb :  14
Language :  English
ISBN :  978-5-906381-54-5

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The “Parables” collection includes morality tales from chapters in the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” book series by Vladimir Megre.
The parables that have gone into this collection have already become widely known, not only among the readers of Vladimir Megre’s books in Russia and abroad, but also among people who haven’t read this well-known series. Thanks to their subtlety, relevance, luminous imagery and deep philosophical meaning, they’ve done a good job of spreading via the Internet and have also been copied in print form, thereby gaining an ever-expanding audience of fans.

The collection includes tales from the following chapters:

- Vladimir Megre, the book “Co-creation”: chapter “Two Brothers”
- Vladimir Megre, the book “The Energy of Life”: chapter “A Wife Is a Goddess”
- Vladimir Megre, the book “The Family Book”: chapter “The Richest Groom”
- Vladimir Megre, the book “The Family Book”: chapter “The Best Place in Heaven”
- Vladimir Megre, the book “The New Civilization”: chapter “Demon Cracy”
- Vladimir Megre, the book “The Family Book”: chapter “Which Temple Shall God Be In”
- Vladimir Megre, the parable “One Candle”

The collections as well as quotes from the books by Vladimir Megre that are included in the collections, are provided for personal use only. 
Using and copying the texts is allowed only after getting a permission from the "Ringing Cedars" Publishing House (www.idzk.ru/en/)

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