Родовое поместье Mariann Hámori "Ciprusok és Mandulafák Családi Birtok 2009"

Венгрия. РП Mariann Hámori 1.jpg

Our settlement name is : Pázmánd, this is a small village approx. 2000 inhabitants near Lake Velencei. We live away from the village on a vineyard. This is an old vulcanic hill with dry climate and soft winters, therefor we have got big fortune with our climate, we have got many north and south species together in our garden (apricots, peach, apples, grapes, pears, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and many several exotic species from the mediterran regions.

I have sowed some seeds from the Pinus Sibirica in the previous winter. We have got many 2-5 cm sizes seedlings. These small plants will be 2-3 years later in our garden.

Родовое поместье Mariann Hámori, Венгрия


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