Ringing Cedars International Portal

Welcome to the international informational portal.

Our main goals are:

The popularization of concepts reflected in books by Vladimir Megre.

The reflection of these events worldwide — «Ringing cedars of Russia» movement.

The promotion and legal support of patrimonial estates and publishing houses.

The interview of Vladimir Megre.

The creation of internet television — news, subject programmes.
We are looking for partners, such as designers, journalists, editors, translators and everyone who is fond of our ideas. Please, send your suggestions to our informational portal.

The supporters of the movement have already begun fundamental implementation of the concept of patrimonial estates. This successful model has improved the quality of life of thousands of people who hold to the principle of minimal energy waste due to ethical, ecological and economic reasons. All this happened without any serious material support of government, serious instances or corporations. The program of patrimonial estates is the best existing solution to practically all the problems, either individual or public.

We see the main means of spreading the right values of patrimonial estates in the following: consultations, educational programmes, partnership with organizations that are trying to reach economic stability.

Our portal will improve the realization of these possibilities of patrimonial estates cooperating with such organizations.
The series of books «Ringing cedars of Russia» http://vmegre.com/en/books/ have encouraged thousands of readers to establish their own patrimonial estates and settlements. In the last few years this tendency has spread all over the world. The creation of the informational portal to support these ideas has become a necessity.

The main role of the portal is to unite these ideas and present the «Ringing cedars of Russia» movement on the international level, i.e.:

1) Become the centre of world activity connected with patrimonial estates.

2) Register and unite patrimonial estates all over the world and support the connection between them developing partnership in the sphere of education, juridical consulting etc.

3) Support researches demonstrating the effectiveness of the model of patrimonial estates in the solution of global issues.

4) Administrate the central multi-language knowledge database (the library of patrimonial estates) connected with the ideas of creating a healthy lifestyle described in the concept of patrimonial estates.

5) Organize international activities (conferences, congresses, seminars) for the public in co-operation with other organizations in order to spread the idea of patrimonial estates.

6) Provide our clients with a multi-functional website as a basis for informational support and the means of members’ communication.

7) Gather and spread information about the models of patrimonial estates by writing articles, holding blogs and creating films etc.

Best regards,
Polina Vladimirovna Megre
Director of «Ringing cedars» publishing house