Ringing Cedars International Portal

1. About the site — anastasia.ru

1.1. The website “anastasia.ru” established by non-profit organization — ANASTASIA Foundation for Culture and Creativity Support (ANASTASIA Foundation).
1.2 “anastasia.ru” is a thematic website. The subject matter of the site is consonant with the ideas described in the Ringing Cedars of Russia series by Vladimir Nikolayevich Megre. A key theme is the Idea of creating a family homestead. Positioning:
Homestead – Family homestead
Settlement – Family homesteads settlement
A unifying idea — the Idea of Family homestead described in the Ringing Cedars of Russia series by Vladimir Nikolayevich Megre.
1.3. Dating — place on the website to search for like-minded people and soulmates, place for communication of Vladimir Megre series readers, who share the worldview described in the Ringing Cedars of Russia series, supporting and promoting the Idea of family homestead.

2. Introduction

2.1. Portal rules described below are binding for all registered users, without exception.
2.2. Subsections portal rules: dating, forum, blogs are additions to the general portal rules.
2.3. Additions and changes to the rules enter into force upon publication.

3. General provisions

3.1. Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from the need to implement them.
3.2. The creation of any questionnaire/publications/comment automatically signifies your acceptance of the rules and their implementation.
3.3. All available details are provided for information purposes only. Messages express the views of their authors, and the administration of the ANASTASIA Foundation, Ringing Cedars Publishing House LLC and website administration are not responsible for them. Responsibility bear person who disseminated this information.
3.4. Available portal languages — Russian, English.
3.5. If you think that some kind of questionnaire/publications/comment violates the rules and should be reviewed by the moderator, report it using the button "contact site administrator" (in the upper right corner of the site).
3.6. The owner of the resource reserves the right to change the terms of the User Agreement and Portal Rules at its discretion. The administration will notify users on changes in User Agreement and Portal Rules in the section “News”.
3.7. You agree to regularly review the terms and conditions of the User Agreement and Portal Rules for any changes in them. Your use of the portal after upgrading/correcting the conditions of the User Agreement and Portal Rules signifies your agreement with them.

4. Registration

4.1 Use of a nickname (login, name), signatures containing a foul and offensive language is not allowed.
4.2. It is prohibited to use as nickname: the address of the website, obscene words/expressions, numbers and punctuation only. Such accounts will be blocked.
4.3. Avatars. Do not use inappropriate image as an avatar. Under incorrect images we have in mind images that contain: violence; pornography; obscene words; fascist symbolics; the address of the site; naked human body; advertising; political campaigning; a parody of any real person; the picture, provoking national and political disputes.
Personal photography are welcome.
4.4. Registering on the portal agrees with the subject of the site and support the ideas described in the Ringing Cedars of Russia series by Vladimir Nikolayevich Megre. User provides true information by filling out the profile.
4.5. It is unacceptable to specify in the profile links:
- third party resources that is not relevant with the theme of the site;
- on sites with advertising/selling/buying/barter of goods or services.
4.6. You are responsible for the security of your username and password, and for all that will be done on the forum under your username and password.
4.7. You agree not to use the portal to represent the interests of other persons or organizations without rights and powers for this purpose, and misrepresentation concerning the properties and characteristics of any subjects or objects.

5. The conditions for the creation of posts/topics and comments to existing posts/topics

5.1. Before creating new posts, use the SEARCH function. Perhaps what you want to ask (say), has already been discussed on the portal.
5.2. There is a principle of self-moderation on the portal. Every portal user has the right to publish posts, create topics in the forum which correspond to the website theme and are not a repetition of the question. The author of the posts/topics is responsible for his post, topic or discussions, author must moderate them and in some cases to enlist the support of an administrator or moderator.
5.3. The title of the post/topics should reflect its main essence. When you create a new post/topic guided by the rule: one vector discussion — one topic.
5.4. Reproduction of surround content on the web pages of third-party resources is not welcome. If the information matches the theme of the site, it is enough to provide a link.
5.5. You can quote and summarize other authors in small volumes with the obligatory reference to the source, if their thoughts intersect and harmonize with the theme of the site, but to move to their detailed discussion — it means get off the subject.
5.6. If the user published a post or opened a topic, but it is not moderated, i.e. allows other participants of topics do not follow the Portal Rules, the post or topic can be deleted, and the user can be restricted to creating posts / topics.
5.7. It is unacceptable to create a forum topic consisting of the same message without the development of the discussion, for example — the announcement of the event. Such topics will be deleted.

6. Available user experience

6.1. Posts publication.
6.2. Comments publication.
6.3. Creation of the forum topic.
6.4. Form filling profile.
6.5. Posting the photos in the profile and albums. It is not recommended to overload the posts or forum topics with lots of pictures that do not carry semantic meaning of the topic. Photos do not meet the requirements may be removed. Photo must be signed.
6.6. Writing personal messages to other users.
6.7. Search profiles of other users based on specified criteria.

7. It is prohibited

7.1. Rude, obscene expressions and insults in any form.
7.2. Statements and incitement to violate the current legislation of the Russian Federation; political campaigning; advertising campaign; statements defamatory, xenophobic, nationalist, racist character; inciting ethnic hatred; abuse; abusive or rude expressions.
7.3. To place false information, slander and use deceptive tactics of debate.
7.4. Post information with erotic and pornographic content, links and passwords to sites above subjects.
7.5. To persuade or write in slang brand names, models, devices. Use slang, which can be incomprehensible to other interlocutors.
7.6. Create posts and topics, not relevant to the theme of the portal.
7.7. To lay out the whole books or chapters of Vladimir Megre series (except for quotations).
7.8. Discuss books by other authors. You can quote and summarize other authors in smaller quantities, if their thoughts intersect and harmonize with the worldview described in the Ringing Cedars of Russia series by Vladimir Nikolayevich Megre, but to jump to their detailed discussion is to leave the main theme of the portal.
7.9. Evident advertising of selling/buying/barter of goods or services, as well as links to sites with the aim of improving their attendance.
7.10. Third-party links that contain information about selling/buying/exchange. Such links are considered as advertising and removed and those who put this information would be blocked.
7.11. Write messages, obviously leading to unreasoned disputes and skirmishes, provocations against other users, as a result of which those violate these rules.
7.12. Abuse of design elements that impede visual perception — all capitals, large print, color, highlighting, emoticons, line spacing (empty lines), insertion of large images, symbolic decorations.
7.13. To create unreadable text by the lack of spaces between words, sentences.
7.14. Create identical posts/topics/posts in different sections of the portal (SPAM).
7.15. Create new topics/messages that do not carry the semantic load (flood); flaming in thematic sections; to create messages that are not relevant to the discussion topic (off topic); to use the theme as chat or personal correspondence; meaningless set of letters.
7.16. To quote a message of large size from a previous user; quote messages containing quotes of previous messages. Citing appeals to a particular phrase.
7.17. Create messages that contain specially made mistakes; deliberately do not follow the rules of the Russian language.
7.18. To do a mass mailing via private messages.
7.19. Incorrect (negative) statement to the Ringing Cedars of Russia series by Vladimir Nikolayevich Megre and content of the books.
7.20. The discussion of the administration of the ANASTASIA Foundation and the administration of the resource sections of the website, in addition to specially created for this forum. If you want to say something, do it personally, through letters.
7.21. The creation of clones (registration of one user under multiple accounts).
7.22. Posting information of other people under your own nickname.
7.23. The restoration of moderated by the administration posts, topics, news, comments, signatures, avatars. The user may be blocked.
7.24. Delete administration messages, marked as "Working".

8. Administration and moderation

8.1. The administration of the ANASTASIA Foundation and the administration of the site — Administrators and Keepers (moderators) keep order on the site. Moderators are not staff members of the ANASTASIA Foundation and work on a voluntary basis, so please respect their work.
8.2. The administration reserves the right to carry the theme of the forum and individual posts that do not match section of the forum, in right section; to close topics, delete topics/posts that violate the established order and against the rules of the forum; to limit the use of the forum.
8.3. Moderators do not make the modification messages. The moderator has the right to remove links from the message to third-party resources.
8.4. The need of the use/non-use of these rules is decided personally by the moderator in each case.
8.5. Message to the site administration marked by tag "Working". All posts tagged "Working" deleted by the administrator.
8.6. The message that are not related to moderation (without tag "Working"), are private and are not the views of the administration of ANASTASIA Foundation and the administration of the site.
8.7. Issues related to authority and work of the moderators is reviewed by the site administrator.

9. Measures to ensure order

9.1. Messages published in spite of the above warnings will be moderated and if this operation is not possible, will be deleted entirely.
9.2. On the Portal blocked:
A) Users that are improperly (negatively) expressed on the website “anastasia.ru” and outside (other Internet resources, public events, etc.) against Vladimir Nikolaevich Megre and "Ringing cedars of Russia" series;
B) Users improperly (negatively) speak directed at administration of the ANASTASIA Foundation, the administration of the “anastasia.ru” site, the "Ringing cedars" company and its employees;
C) Users with nicknames that contain insults (like "all the goats"), without meaning (like "65r7tgu6547"), disharmonious ("fool", "idiot", etc.);
D) Users wandering on Internet forums with the purpose to break their rules and to represent the response of the moderators as a violation of freedom of speech.
In relation to portal users, who regularly or deliberately violate applicable portal rules, will be enforced strict measures at the discretion of the moderator:
— deleting messages;
— ban on creation of posts / topics;
— warning in a personal message;
— public warning;
— transfer to “read-only” mode (partial ban);
— blocking on the portal (complete ban);
— IP blocking.
The level of restriction or warning type will be chosen by the moderator depending on the violation of the rules and the availability of the comments made previously. All warnings and restrictions are recorded in the "Journal of moderation".

10. The procedure for appealing against actions of the administration

10.1. Find out who exactly applied to you punishment in a journal moderation http://forum.anastasia.ru/jurmod.php
If you cannot identify a concrete person, you should contact the administrator site.
10.2. Contact via letter or email message in the subject "Appeals" http://forum.anastasia.ru/topic_48751.html
man whose actions you want to challenge it, putting a link to the message/theme that served as the basis for the objection.
Motivate your appeal, indicating the reasons why you disagree with the decision of the administration.
10.3. If the answer does not satisfy you, write to the administrator; do not forget to attach to your letter any previous correspondence.

11. Mass administration mailing

The administration of the ANASTASIA Foundation website and also the company "Ringing cedars" have the right to carry out a mass mailing messages that should not be regarded as spam, as well as the actual content of the messages.

Administration of ANASTASIA Foundation