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Oseniny - Harvest Festival in the Family homesteads settlement “Wonderland”

More recently, in the autumnal equinox day on September 22 Harvest Festival was held in the Family homesteads settlement “Wonderland”. Or, as it was called by our ancestors - Oseniny (Ovsen, Tausen). In the past, people more followed the natural regime and lived in the sunshine. As a rule, in each cycle of solar activity carried natural holidays with special rituals, they helped people to maintain a harmonious and solid relationship with the forces of Earth and Space.

Main Kologodnye holidays - Koliada, Kupala Night, Maslenitsa and Oseniny - held during the winter and summer solstice and the spring and the autumnal equinox.

It was very interesting during the preparation to imagine how our ancestors lived, and plunge into the historical roots of the holiday. Therefore, we are happy to share their discoveries and, of course, the photos from the event!

At the beginning of the holiday, while the Storytellers were going to the arbor, Tanya and Sasha Gerenuk told us about the Holiday.

Well, it turns out that Oseniny considered special time - summing up, reaping the fruits, both material and spiritual. Every schoolboy knows that “don't count your chickens before they are hatched”. That's where this proverb!

The Slavs honored the Sun and the Earth, who gave the harvest. It was believed that in these days opened the gates between the worlds of human and divine. Obligatory, at every big festival honored dead ancestors, one loaf of grain sheaf of the first compressed went into the fire - a gift for ancestors. It helped family to become stronger, to strengthen the connection between generations, to nourish family tree with life-giving power of love from the springs of our souls.

Our holiday was very cheerful, charming and unusual. I especially want to thank the team of the round dance caravan, which responded to the invitation and held a round dance-game part of the holiday for us, making it colorful and fun.

We have seen off flying birdies and summer, burning a straw bird.  We have fed her with grains of our hopes for the next year of grace. And also, after guessing the riddles - together passed a symbolic bridge from summer to autumn.

Our fire was really huge! In early summer, our men cleared the forest for the playground and in the clearing there was a heap of branches, which in the summer was compressed and in this place made a fire. We warmed so that the heat in our hearts until the spring enough, probably! Interestingly, after burning left construction, like a bird's nest.

After that sounded interesting thanks words to Sun and Earth, each participant of the holiday broke off and ate a piece of the loaf, and what was left - was sent to the fire, as a gift, in which we have invested love and gratitude.

Mother Earth, Father Sun,

the power of the most high, divine and supreme powers,

you are granted the opportunity

to harvest, for which

we give thanks!

Give the further strength and courage

to plant the seeds

for the benefit and good!

Let happen to

next year

a generous harvest of fruit

and the harvest of good deeds!

Stay with us,

pouring light power in us!

Glory and thanks to you!

So mote it be!

 Later, all tasted homemade pies and the fruits of the harvest.

In general, the holiday was a big success! And now we are waiting for the new birth of Sun on Koliada, on the day of the winter solstice.

Article prepared by Tatiana and Alexander Gorenyuk

The Organizers of the Event - Tatiana and Alexander Gorenyuk

Photos by Pavel Kashin, Alexander Gorenyuk

More photos in the album https://vk.com/album-51269485_236267681


Family homesteads settlement “Wonderland” - our home. We are inspired by the book of Vladimir Nikolayevich Megre and ideas described by Anastasia. We still have free place for creation of a family homesteads. We invite young families, leading a healthy vegetarian lifestyle to meet with us and to create a Space of Love in a good neighborhood, and in harmony with the surrounding wildlife. More information at: http://skaz-kray.ru/o-nas/novichkam/


Let's create “Wonderland” together!

Thanks for the repost!

Let's tell the world about the “Wonderland”!

The edition prepared by Anna Donatova, settlement  Agudaria

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