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Ekaterina Salomahina. Guest from Poland in the Zvon-Gora Family Homestead Settlement, Belarus

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Recently, the settlement was visited by the guest from Poland — Tomasz (Tomasz Nakonieczny), he stayed with us for a week. It's so nice — to live enough time in the atmosphere of the settlement, it allows to immerse in our world, life, to participate in public affairs, discussions and activities. Tomas wrote an article for a newspaper in Poland about the Zvon-Gora, in order to spread our values and way of life in his country.

Tomasz has left his feedback about the time spent with us.

"My visit to Zvon-Gora was a kind of reconnaissance mission.
I wanted to touch the lifestyle of its residents, in order to be able to help create this kind of settlement in Poland.

Here, in the eyes of the children I saw some light, some kind of purity. I also saw that the inhabitants of the Zvon-Gora have created a true community, living together, not side by side. I saw them as patriots, loving their country — a very important testimony for the people of Central and Western Europe, where patriotism is increasingly impaired.

Екатерина Саломахина. Гость из Польши в поселении Звон-Гора 3.jpg

I was struck by the extremely high environmental consciousness of the inhabitants, especially of my master Vlad, who perfectly understood the importance of forests that goes far beyond the production of oxygen.

I was pleasantly surprised by the abundance of healthy food, natural products, most of which are produced by inhabitants of the settlement. For the first time in my life I was eating the honey slices.

Екатерина Саломахина. Гость из Польши в поселении Звон-Гора 1.jpg

I also had the opportunity to learn about the Beloyar — Slavic gymnastics. The classes were taught by Katya and Zhenya. I was looking for a way to fix my spine and I think I found it. Now I practice Beloyar in Poland.

I thank my hosts — Alla and Vlad, Lyudmila and Sergey for the warm welcome and for the fact that I felt like a member of their family. Thank to the children Lada and Dobriana, and also Vedomir and Rogvolod. When I talked to them, I for the first time in a very long time started to wake up in my desire to have a family, children.
I also thank the other residents of the Zvon-Gora!
I want to come back."

Екатерина Саломахина. Гость из Польши в поселении Звон-Гора 2.jpg

Томаш Польша.jpg
Tomasz Nakonieczny
Poland, Warsaw

Ekaterina Salomahina
Zvon-Gora Family Homestead Settlement, Belarus
September 2017

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