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Vladimir Megre Answers Questions (vkontakte 05.03.2013)

Good afternoon friends! Little by little I respond to your questions. You can find links to previous answers in details. Thank you for the warm thanksgiving messages, music, poems, paintings and videos. Thanks for the holiday greetings and virtual gifts. It's really nice. Special thanks for the feedback on the wall.

Part of the answers in random order with a full copy of the sender's message, but without the name:


Question: Vladimir Nikolayevich, despite the fact that the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” logo is a registered emblem, a lot of sites devoted to the idea set out in your books, put your logo on their pages. On the Rodnaya (Native) Party portal users overwhelmingly agreed that Rodnaya party must have officially registered “Ringing Cedars of Russia” logo. Can we get your permission (official if possible) to use “Ringing Cedars of Russia” logo on a portal, and in future statutory documents of Rodnaya party and in possible future publications?

Answer: Good afternoon. Please specify, do you mean that party that filed the documents for registration to the Ministry of Justice? As for the logo, it will be possible to conclude a contract for official use of the logo in approving the regulations. While regulations and the party are not registered, legally there is no one can give the right to use it. But in the future I think this problem will be solved.


Question: Did Vedrussian have verbal code or ritual, which they used during the transition from the Yav (Jav) world to Nav (Navi) world i.e. in case of death of their physical body? If this code or code exists, then what is it?

Answer: Good afternoon. I will answer to your question in the next book. Here I will say briefly. It was not a code, but understanding how (under certain conditions) people can live forever.


Question: What happened after the planetary catastrophe on Earth? How survivors emerging from a huge psychological stress and loss, returned to the lifestyle of Origins? How was the return (restoration) of the Vedic period carried out, where, as we know, God was Ved for people and there was a high culture of Feelings and Thoughts?

Answer: Good afternoon. People didn’t come back to the image of the origin after the planetary catastrophe on Earth? because the image was lost and they always tried to restore the same technocratic world. People are returning today to the image of the origin, this process is gradual and long, but beautiful. People are returning today to the image of the origin, this process is gradual and long, but beautiful.


Question: Does a ritual for uniting in unity, in brotherhood, in the creative union of many people exist? What is it?

Answer: Good afternoon. I don't know such ritual. But the union of people is a natural way under the influence born in their image - lifestyle. For example, in settlements consisting of family homesteads, people come together, despite the lack of rites of the law or any statutes.


Question: Radomir and Lyubomila planted the family tree in the wedding day on wedding hill, and why in other rituals did not mention about planting a family tree in the wedding day?

Answer: Good afternoon. Wedding ceremony is a terrific event, born of age-old wisdom; maybe I'm not sufficiently described in my books this amazing action. This ritual can be described in a separate book, in great detail.


Question: Where did Cro-Magnon, Java Man, Neanderthals and modern small aboriginal tribes low level of development comes from? Is there any evidence or remains of ancient cultures, Vedas in general and Vedrussian in particular? Thank you.

Answer: Good afternoon. There exists evidence of ancient civilizations. For example, Arkaim, settlement excavations at Sungir, on the outskirts of Vladimir, where archaeologists have unearthed the burial of people who lived in the area more than 30,000 years ago. People buried at Sungir were not in skins with bludgeons, but in fairly civilized clothes with ornaments. But there is an odd situation why these and many other facts hushed up in the contemporary press and historians never mention about these things. Apparently someone suit to assume that our civilization, for example, European much less years than it really is. Also considered that quite short in the past our ancestors were stupid and immature. Why this is happening, just think for yourself.


Question: Good afternoon, Vladimir Nikolayevich. Now on sale is green book "Rodnaya party program" with “Ringing Cedars of Russia” logo. Does this mean that this program is approved by you, you consider this program as full and best, and what do you think about the program of party now?

Answer: Good afternoon. I don't know what type of booklet do you mean. As for the program and the charter that the initiative group registers in the Ministry of Justice now, I think they needed further refinement, but only the official members of the party unable to carry out revision of the charter or program. And I think after they will gather they will do it.


Question: Vladimir Nikolayevich, Anastasia said that many Europeans were conquered through Christianity by the priests, for the peoples of Asia, the priests found another way. How were conquered these countries? Thank you!

Answer: Good afternoon. This is very complex historical question. A short answer is impossible. Maybe in the future with joint efforts we will answer this question.



- Vladimir! Why don't you ask Anastasia questions? When we have something to ask - we are not waiting for answers from you, because you’re just an ordinary person as much as we. Please, don’t be offended but the questions are addressed through you to Anastasia. New books still not here. The conferences are not available to all and there is nothing new. We discussing the same thing again - why exactly 1 hectare of land.

- Vladimir, your book is the absolute good, which you have received from Anastasia, thank you so much…thanks to your books, people are getting lighter, receiving  day by day new answers to the questions in his soul, but all the same issues arise and we want to hear Anastasia answer. Why you, Vladimir, do not go with the readers ' questions to her as it was before??

Answer: Good afternoon. In the next book I will correct this mistake.



- Vladimir Nikolayevich, where Anastasia showed herself? Tell me more please!

- Where can I read about the Anastasia's appearance among the people?

Answer: Good afternoon. I think movement that spontaneously formed after the release of the books, more than 200 settlements consisting of family homesteads is the clearest appearance of Anastasia.

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