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Vladimir Megre Answers Questions (vkontakte 07.03.2013)


Question: Can I ask a couple more questions? What did grandpa mean, saying "Spirits of the ancestors would be happy to help you, but now they are forced to confront you." If necessary to balance all the energies in yourself and not let to dominate any of them, perhaps we should not suppress any energy too. But Anastasia says: "I never get angry". This means that she pays no attention to other energies, such as anger, envy, greed, etc... Where is the harmony? Anastasia is good, but not harmonious?

Answer: Hello. As for the spirits of the ancestors, please specify from which book is taken such a statement? If some sort of energy is dominated for example, anger, it does not mean that it needs to be put down. This means that we need to strengthen the energy of goodness and then they will be balanced.


Question: Hello. There is still no publishing house in China. Do you plan a mission or headquarters there? It is possible to obtain 2 translated books?

Answer: Hello. Yes, we have to work on the publishing of books in China. I'll be glad if someone would assist us. There is still no mission.


Question: Hello Vladimir. Dreams come true — most recently, I thought about that I really want to talk and please —we're friends. I'd like to speak because I got a good idea — there are many stories about the great love of the classics of world literature. For example — Romeo and Juliet, etc. An amazingly beautiful story of great LOVE between Radomir and Lubomila runs through your books. I think it would be great to make a film about it! And for some reason I was thinking about the actor and producer — Sergey Bezrukov. If you write the script and offer to Sergei collaboration — this is going to be great! If it's necessary I think all the members of the Anastasia movement of our country can help with financing. Here are the thoughts I had I don't know how to implement them. Maybe you as the author will refer to Sergey Bezrukov. If you do not succeed, there are a lot of talented, kind and honest filmmakers in our country and maybe we should make this offer to people? And then I'm sure — everything will be all right.

Answer: Hello. I think that the time will come and book’s story will be filmed. Personally, I don't have time to push this process.


Question: Good afternoon, Vladimir Nikolayevich. One of the Ukrainian publishing houses is going to publish “the Ringing Cedars of Russia” book series in the Ukrainian language with a circulation of 2000 copies! The publisher asks for translation permission. Sincerely, Leonid Nizhnik. P. S. I was visiting cedar house this winter! I talked to Polina!

Answer: Hello. Polina has the right to conclude treaties. The first thing you should do as a translator is to translate one or two chapters and submit for review. I wish you success.


Question: Vladimir Nikolayevich, thank you for your response. I have a question — is it possible to cooperate with you? We want your products can move freely in Ukraine, so that people could not pay for the shipping from Russia to Ukraine. That would be great.

Answer: Hello. I don't do products. But your idea is a good. Contact Sergey +7 (383) 291-02-70 Email admin@megre.ru, egor@megre.ru and I think you will be able to solve this issue.



Question: Good afternoon, Vladimir. Please tell me is it safe to go to the Astral plane? How often do you practice the exit there? The fact that after six months of a vegetarian diet, I found the ability to safely leave the body, but I do not dare to leave my body far.

Answer: Hello. Once I tried the method described in the book to get out of the body. It turned out it is very dangerous and I never tried again. I wish you success in your search.


Question: Good afternoon, Vladimir. I am very interested in the question of child nutrition. I understand that your son and daughter ate what the Mother Nature gives. I would like to clarify this question; at what age can I give mushrooms to children? My son is 8 months old; I feed him country vegetables and add a bit of vitamin complexes of your production, nuts. And I want to give mushrooms but everywhere write that it is impossible for children under the age of 12. Thanks in advance for the answer.

Answer: Good afternoon. Anastasia talked about the food, both children and adults the following: the products that you have need to put on the table, for example, some fruits, vegetables, berries, the product that you want to eat will be most necessary for your body. You need to eat foods as they mature in the spring, summer and autumn. They will be most useful for your body, also for the body of the child. As for mushrooms, it is better not to use, especially if you live near industrial area.


Question: Please, tell me, are you doing the community of entrepreneurs with pure thoughts? Give advice on the creation of such a community. Thank you.

Answer: Hello. I'm not doing for now. But I know that Geser Dashiev do it. Mail: geser8@gmail.com +7 916 337-5559 +7 918 119-8765


Question: You still did not come to the father Theodorit, although you promised to do it.

Answer: Hello. I often think about him. I intend to visit him in the near future. I need to prepare in order to communicate with him, I do it.

Source: http://vk.com/wall111106990_6812

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