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Vladimir Megre Responds to Questions (Vkontakte 13.08.2012)


Good afternoon! Little by little I respond to your questions. Again, I can't answer every question with a personal message. I can't answer all the hundreds of emails that I receive every day. There are a lot of questions about where to order books and products under the brand name "Ringing Cedars of Russia", when will next book come out, when will festival be held, questions about settlements  and so on. I just have one thing to say: there is a list of web sites on my page (https://vk.com/vmegre) having visited them you can find answers to all formal issues. There is a forum on the website of the Anastasia Fund http://forum.anastasia.ru   where you can find answers to the questions.

Part of the answers in random order with a full copy of the sender's message, but without the name:


Question: Hello, I was inspired by your book about ANASTASIA. I want to ask your opinion about my picture ANASTASIA. Arsen Kljan (https://vk.com/id150560991)


V. Megre: Hello. I really liked your picture. Tell us how it was created? What material was used to create this painting? I would like to see more of your work that illustrates the book chapters. Maybe you will take part in the paintings contest at the festival?


Question: Vladimir Nikolayevich, you met with your readers in different cities of Russia, Europe and America. Could you please tell me, what meetings you found the most memorable? Or are there any differences between the readers of different countries and nationalities?

V. Megre: Hello. I didn't notice significant differences, on the contrary, people speak different languages, but I have the feeling that it is one family. Meetings differ only in the level of event organization. First place goes to the meeting in Kazakhstan, which was organized by Aliya Nazarbayeva. I express my special thanks for such an organization. Of course, she has serious opportunities. But beyond that, Alia is a woman with exceptional organizational skills, very slender and beautiful. I think she will show herself in many cases.


Question: Good afternoon, Vladimir. I want to ask you about herbs (New Civilization - part 1) which collected your son Vladimir for you in order to get clean on the first day of training :) - Please tell me what kind of herbs it was. (If it is difficult to find them, I would like to know - is it possible to replace them)? Natalia, Yoshkar-Ola.

V. Megre: Good afternoon. It is quite a difficult task to replace taiga herbs. I did not specify what kind of herbs has given me a son. Mushrooms, berries, nuts that grow in the Siberian taiga and those that grow in large metropolitan areas, are very different from each other. For example, milk mushrooms in the taiga twice as much than those who sells in central part of Russia, plus they are white and differ in taste. There are many recipes for body detox; they will be published in the methodological publications of the “A Wife is a Goddess” school, meanwhile you can read about them in the Gennadij Petrovich Malakhov books.


Question: Oh, I got another question. Did Anastasia said something about … I don't know how to call it...mmm well, for example now it is accepted (or not accepted, but required) cross oneself before turn to God. In many sources the cross is explained as a defense, did Anastasia said something about it? You have written that Anastasia crosses her hands, before she turns to the Father! I would be very interested to know the opinion of Anastasia - what is the value of the cross?

V. Megre: Hello. I haven't spoken to Anastasia about it. I can say only one thing — Everything has such a value, which you yourself put in it.


Question: Anastasia, Vladimir and Anasta are living now without a home and without dress and clothes?

Do they sleep in the open air on ground now? What they do all day long in the winter? The grandfather has a house? Whether they live together in the grandfather’s house in the winter when the weather in the taiga is very cold? Do they have oven? What kind of heating they have?

V. Megre: Hello. I described Anastasia life in the books. Nothing has changed.


Question: Please ask Anastasia, what she thinks about affirmations?

V. Megre: Hello. You have just a scientific question. I'll ask her.


Question: Good afternoon, Vladimir Nikolayevich! Firstly thank you very much for everything. I wanted to ask you... In the last book you wrote about your son Vladimir, who came to our still crazy world. How is he here? He's all right?

V. Megre: Good afternoon. I want to believe that he is all right. It is definitely hard to understand his actions. According to the elements which he suggested for the homesteads project, it is better not to intervene in his actions. If he could actually simulate a fundamentally new way of development of planets, it is hard to imagine that it is possible to advise to such a person, for example, with my level of understanding of life. I think he will prove himself, as appropriate.


Question: Hello, Vladimir. Did you talk with Anastasia about the alcoholism? What does she think about this?  How to defeat alcoholism from her point of view? PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR COMMENT; IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR ME!

V. Megre: Good afternoon. As I understood statements of Anastasia — alcoholism, drug addiction and other bad habits can be defeated by doing some interesting and important business, which will distract people. No matter how much we tell the drug addict or alcoholic, he does not respond to our words because he knows the opposite — he feels good, when he drinks vodka or doing drugs. But if we offer him a business to his liking, from which his condition will be better than after consuming alcohol or drugs... I think a person may be interested in the construction of the family homestead. But the question is how to explain to this person that this idea became his dream.


Question: Dear Vladimir, you wrote Anastasia words about the fact that in 2011 she shows up before people and after that she will die. So, how are things really?

V. Megre: Good afternoon. And actually she shows up before people and didn't die.


Question: I would like to know — how often do you see Anastasia?

V. Megre: Hello. I can feel her always, and it is very important for me.


Question: Hello! My name is Natasha, I'm 13 years oft and I read the "Anasta" book. Interestingly, what is true and what is fiction in the books?

V. Megre: Hello, Natasha. The truth is all that will understand your soul.


Question: Good day! Vladimir, in one of your books it was written that produced the almanac which described the events that you have not written in books. Unfortunately I was not able to get the almanac, but I would love to know what this thing is. I think it would be interesting to many people. Tell me please where I could find the almanac. Thanks in advance)))

V. Megre: Hello. Almanacs were published by Dilya Publishing House. Perhaps almanacs are still there, you need to contact them.


Question: Good afternoon, Vladimir. I've been thinking about the one scene in your fourth book. This is farewell dialogue between Energy of Love and God. I will not retell it, but it turns out that what is happening today created by his though the Energy of Love. The thought is material. The Energy of Love created by his thought the history of mankind. Did Essence of the Universe follow the desire "to seize the human soul"? Is it by chance that "wayward son" of the Creator began praying to Essence of the Universe? It has something to do with the Eve’s mistake? Looking forward to your reply. Respectfully, Vitaly.

V. Megre: Hello. I don't think the Energy of Love created the negativity in his thought. She quoted God the future she did not create. The temptation to seize the human soul existed among the Essence of the Universe initially. After all, giving energy to God, each sought to "become the most important." I think that the main task of man to balance it all inside.


Question: Good day, Vladimir! I had an idea - what if we return to you beautiful jars from under the cedar oil? It is a pity to throw them away!

V. Megre: Hello. I agree with you, I am also very pity to throw them away. I offered Sergey to at least increase the volume of bottles.


Question: Good afternoon, Vladimir! Thank you for the very important knowledge that you carry through your books. My family and I also plan to move to the ancestral lands in the near future. I create now a website about family values, sitting with kids at home. I want to convey to people the importance of family homestead creation. Could you tell me, I can't find the answer to the question — children growing up and creating their families left the parental family homestead, and who remained on this land after parents? I will be very grateful if you answer, I want to see the entire puzzle of the past in my head))) and to give people the truth.


V. Megre: Hello. Someone from children be sure to come back.


Question: Hello. My name is Elena. I have a question. How to wear Siberian cedar pendant, nettles bracelet? Is it possible to remove or it is necessary to put it constantly?

V. Megre: Hello. I described in the first book, how to wear it. I have nothing to add.


Question: Hello, Vladimir. Do you still have the pieces of the ringing cedar?

V. Megre: Hello. Your piece will be able to have the same properties as ringing over time.


Question: Good afternoon, Vladimir. In one of your books you wrote that there are only 7 original apple trees on Earth, which are very useful for humans. I have a great offer! Find out where they are (BUT don't tell anyone) collect harvest and sell SEEDS on your web site! From one tree you can collect about 500 thousand seeds. And we will plant them in our family homesteads, we WILL GROW ORIGINAL APPLES!!! Those who have created for us, OUR FATHER!!! And they will not 7 of them, but thousands!!!

V. Megre: Hello. Thanks for the good suggestion. Parts of the apples I had given and already has emerged seedlings. This year there was no harvest. Next year I will do as you suggest.


Question: Good health to you, Vladimir! Are you familiar with the activities of the German Sterligov? Thank you!

V. Megre: Hello. I heard about it, but I am not familiar with the details of his activities.


Question: Vladimir, Hello! Could you tell me, is it possible to create a Space of Love on 7 acres? I have money only for a plot of 7 acres. Should I start or should I wait when there will be the opportunity to purchase 1 hectare? I didn't think over a family homestead project even in the details, only the outline. Thank you in advance for your reply! And thank you very much for the books!

V. Megre: Hello. It is impossible to create any meaningful ecological system on seven acres. You will not be able to plant trees, dig a pond, and you won't be able to make a lot of thing. It turns out that your homestead will consist only of the beds and a few stunted trees. So draw your own conclusions.


Questions: Good afternoon, Vladimir Nikolayevich. I write to you from the homestead. I've been wanting to write to you.  In the first book you wrote that Anastasia spoke a lot about parenting – I would like to know about it – I have a son, born in the homestead – and, despite this, you often have to deal with the technocracy – the older children watch cartoons, grandmothers give cars, dad likes guns. Write please about the place where the dolmen of Anastasia mother is. I do not know – of course, it may be necessary to keep secret, to prevent a negative in relation to dolmen but I think that life itself wills sort of visitors – and people really want to know. After all, the dolmen on Tsygankova mount – 3 hours walk from Pshada – there is a dolmen as it was said at the Vozrozhdenie gathering – it seemed to me that's not true. The girl that was the dolmen was sad from the fact that people think so. If it is not difficult – let Anastasia answer the question – is it possible to take parts of the destroyed dolmen and bury them in the homestead under the tree seedlings?

– Vladimir Nikolayevich THANKS to you and Anastasia for books, people changing the whole concept of life, after reading of your books. We have found our soul mates and purchased our homestead, guided by this idea. I (as nursing mother) care about one issue - How to find the dolmen of Anastasia mother?

V. Megre: Hello. You have such a many-sided question; to answer on it it's like to write a new book. Now I will say briefly. It is possible to communicate with the dolmens at a distance, not necessarily to approach it, no need to carry pieces of dolmens - they will simply disappear.


Q: Hello Vladimir! I have a proposition for you, if of course it will be interesting to you and other like-minded people. It would be great if the publisher has produced all books of the Ringing cedars series in one book! I know that people often reread your books and it would be nice if they could always to carry books. Because there are a lot of books, sometime you can put somewhere or give to someone one and then can't find it and I want to read a paragraph and think on it. To do something like "working" books about Anastasia. Indeed, many write out her quotes in a separate notebook and however, if such a book comes up, it will be possible to can underline everything you need right in the book. One of our neighbors read "Co-creation" more than 50 times!!! And always finds something new. :) With respect and love, Violetta (Cvetnoe-Ruzhichevo, Kirovograd region, Ukraine)

V. Megre: Hello. Your suggestion deserves attention, but how to implement it is the big question. Our printing is not yet able to make reliable spine for the book of three thousand pages.


Questions: Good afternoon, Vladimir Nikolayevich. I have long been looking for my soul mate, but I did not get to meet her. At a conference you said that Anastasia's grandfather told you about the mystical way of finding soul mate. Please tell us about this method. After all, I would like to meet soul mate with which we will be bound together, rather than just less right person. It is not enough only energy ways of finding a soul mate or words for example “get ready, do it and you will meet”. Many people looking for a soul mate have mystical mindset, and only mystical method can help to meet soul mate.

V. Megre: Hello. Let us think together on this question. For example, the Anastasia Fund is now responsible for establishment of a school for women, meetings and other events. For my part, I will prepare soon a book which will tell about the ancient festivals and ceremonies that promote the Soul mate Union.


Question: Hello! Did Anastasia told you about race? For example, she said she is Vedrussian, and in generally how many races were on the Earth initially, or races were created by people? And how about the curse, is it true or fiction? Or this is self-hypnosis?

V. Megre: Hello. This is the topic of a future book.


Question: Hello :). I have the following questions: 1. Is Yoga useful? 2. For example when people drink beer or smoke they get a lot of pleasure – that's harmful? 3. 3. Why we get during meals great pleasure or displeasure (suffering)? Why the Creator did not create displeasure from harmful, destructive, unnecessary products, things and substances?

V. Megre: Hello. Only the Creator can answer to this question.


Question: Hello!) I am 18 years old student from Moscow, and I read all your books, I am very inspired by the fullness of the mind and concept of your books)))) And sometimes I shed a tear in the subway while riding)) Tell me please, what should young people pay attention? Because in order to go and create their own family nest, they must first remove all the garbage in the city. Your son Vladimir came to our world, tell me what can I do to improve the environment? I'm ready.

V.Megre: Hello. Anastasia Fund projects: rally – http://www.anastasia.ru/news/detail/3842/;

festival – http://www.festival-anastasia.ru/; website – http://www.anastasia.ru/ . You can participate in the projects realization. Thus, you can gain necessary knowledge, find friends, and most importantly, you will feel satisfied.


Question: Hello, Vladimir! Maybe not so important question but I want to hear the answer. If you have time, please answer. How important are long hair for women? Does it really matter to grow them back or it doesn't matter and if girl wants, she could have short haircut? Thank you!

V. Megre: Hello. I don't know how to answer, but I like women with long beautiful hair.


Question: Dear Vladimir Nikolayevich! I'd love to know your opinion about the origin of the Races on Earth. Perhaps Anastasia said anything about it. I think you know that the last time this issue is discussed in many Slavic and pseudo Slavic-Aryan movements. Versions about the origin of the Races on Earth are contradictory and ambiguous. And the answer to this question depends on understanding – Humanity is a unified family on the common Earth or Earth is a colony of different civilizations arrived from different places in the Universe. Thanks in advance.

V. Megre: Hello. This is the topic of a future book.


Question: Good afternoon, Vladimir! I read "Anastasia" book recently. This is a wonderful book! It was interesting to see this girl...I think she's not one of those who will be take a picture. Tell me she looks like a girl who is shown in the book?

V. Megre: Good afternoon. Yes, this girl  looks like Anastasia.


Question: Vladimir, good evening) I don't know if you will answer my question, but I try to ask! It is true that children born with the help of caesarean section do not have the third component of the soul? What to do in order to regain the confidence of such a child? To create a Space of Love – family homestead?

V. Megre: Hello. To create a family homestead.


Question: Hello, Vladimir! I am very glad to have the opportunity to chat with you. You are amazingly brave and strong willed person! Your books have awakened in me the desire to create and to give Love! I want to know, are you planning to shoot the movie based on your books? Or maybe filming is already underway?

V. Megre: Hello. Yes it is.


Question: Hello, Vladimir Nikolayevich! My daughter and I were at the Family Homestead Creators Festival. We were there only for two days on July 13-14. We’ve got great joy. We listened to the recording of your performance. You talked about the School of Goddesses. I am already 40 years old, but I really want to go through this school together with my daughter, she is 12 years old. Could you say where we can find such a school? It is possible to do by correspondence? We live in the Samara oblast.

V. Megre: Hello. Now there is a preparation of several sections of the web site that will be dedicated to this school. The organizers propose to make this school part-time, seminars will be held twice a year. The school will be charged a fee – about 100 rubles a month, all the money will be used for invitations to dialogue famous people in different fields of knowledge and solution of other organizational issues. For those who do not communicate on the Internet, will be issued special anthologies – (learner's) guide. Judging by your correct desires everything will be okay.



– Good afternoon, Vladimir! Greetings from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk! THANKS FOR THE BOOK! For their significance. And thank you for your woman Anastasia! I have a question. Do you still have the desire to make a film about Vedrussian (Vedic Russian)? May Sakhalin participate in the creation of film?

– There are many topics in your books for the production of films about Vedrussian culture; I think that these films would become masterpieces of world cinema, because no one is talking about eternity in the art form. If you have the opportunity, please create at least a cartoon for kids, because children now have nothing to watch. With respect and support.

– Hello, Vladimir. Glad to see you on Vkontakte! Thank you for your books! What are you working on? I have heard that the shooting will start soon. Is it true?

V. Megre: Hello. Yes, it is planned to shoot a series of films dedicated to the beautiful future of the Earth. Additional information will be announced later. Looking forward to your participation in the project.







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