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Question for the Author «Does Anastasia exist or not?»

Question: Is Anastasia real or fictional character, i.e. creative?


Vladimir Megre: Can you imagine that I came to You and said it was my image, I made it up. Yet, thank God, I refrain from it. If it's image then applaud me, I'm a genius. Very precisely said the psychologist Gutikova from Novosibirsk Akademgorodok and the Director of the Scientists Club: "And he had nothing to invent her".


Why are you applauding? You acknowledge that I had nothing to invent?


But then they added: "Others couldn't invent her". If anybody was going to do it, Anastasia would have invented long ago. Who doesn't want glory, honor, etc?


In addition, there is something that affects people - I am convinced of it. It also affects me very strongly. It is possible to resist, to interpret in your own way, but to deny that it exists - is impossible.


You already know how to write a book. There remained one question, the unknown spot: who? How did the first book appeared which caused a stream of letters, poetry, songs, drawings, poems? Although she and grandfather say in the first book: "They will like spring rain down on Earth and wash away all the dirt like a spring rain." Everything she says comes true. I don’t know how she does it and I don't care about it. Not this phenomenon affects me directly but you.  I'll just repeat after you. So she exists.

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