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International Scientific and Practical Conference entitled “The Role and Conditions for Development of the ‘Family Homesteads’ in the Socio-Economic Transformation of Russia”

1 Яромов Колесов Хожаинов.PNGDepartment of agricultural economics and department of political economy, Faculty of Economics, Moscow State University held an international scientific and practical conference entitled “The role and conditions for development of the ‘Family homesteads’ in the socio-economic transformation of Russia”. The conference was held with the support of the Governor of the Belgorod oblast, Anastasia foundation for Culture and Creativity Support and entrepreneur Dmitry Yaromov.

The conference opened with a welcome address by the President of Faculty of Economics, Moscow State University, Professor V. Kolesov and the representative of the Belgorod oblast A. Tolstov.

2 Колесов.PNGThe conference was moderated by associate professor, Ph.D. Nikolay Hozhainov; associate professor, Ph.D. Mikhail Pavlov; Professor, Doctor of Economics, head of the department of agricultural economics Sergey Kiselev and entrepreneur Dmitry Yaromov.

Executive director of Anastasia foundation for Culture and Creativity Support Maya Ladilova and head of the Dilya Publishing House Ikmatulla Raimov actively participated in the organization of events.

More than 260 people from 31 regions of Russia and 13 states took part in the conference.

119 reports were presented at the conference: 32 reports were prepared by representatives of the Faculty of Economics, Moscow State University and 87 reports were prepared by external participants.

The conference was attended by researchers, staff, graduate and undergraduate students from 18 universities and research organizations of Russia: Moscow State University (MSU), All-Russian Institute of Agrarian Problems and Informatics, named after A.A. Nikonov, Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), International Academy of Agrarian Education, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation (Financial University), Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University), The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (RANEPA), Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL), Moscow University of Finance and Law (MFUA), National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE), Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN), Russian State Agrarian University — Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, Russian State Agrarian Correspondence University, Siberian State Industrial University (SSIU) etc.

3 Участники 25.PNG

The conference was attended by many prominent Russian and foreign scientists. In particular, theoretical understanding and the problems of Family homesteads were highlighted in the reports of V.M. Bondarenko (Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), S.V. Kaymanakov (MSU), S.V. Kiselev (MSU), A.I. Kolganov (MSU), M.Y. Lemeshev (All-Russian Institute of Agrarian Problems and Informatics, named after A.A. Nikonov), M.I. Lugachev (MSU), V.Y. Medikov (SSIU), A.P. Ogarkov (All-Russian Institute of Agrarian Problems and Informatics, named after A.A. Nikonov), Y.M. Osipov (MSU), M.Y. Pavlov (MSU), D.N. Platonov (MSU), T.O.Razumova (MSU), I.V.Soboleva (Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), V.P. Suyc (MSU), I. F. Suslov, N.S. Haritonov (MSU), N.T. Hozahinov (MSU), K.A. Hubiev (MSU), T.N. Yudina (MSU) etc.

4 Коллективная с Лемешевым.PNG

The practice of creation and functioning of the Family homesteads: more than 90 representatives of these unique types of rural life of the Russian regions and foreign countries were present at the conference. The owners of the Family homesteads were made bright, meaningful and emotional reports have focused on topical problems of creation, improvement and development of the Family homesteads and Family homestead settlement.

5 Киселев.PNGIn particular, the practical experience of creation and functioning, reflections on life, approaches to creation of conditions for creativity and human development, various problems of Family homesteads and possible solutions voiced in their reports the owners of the Family homesteads, entrepreneurs and representatives of various organizations: A.G. Boyarinova (Vladimir oblast), A.V. Blohin, N.P. Burlakov (Ryazan oblast), N.V. Vashchenko (Kaluga oblast), I.V. Volkova (Vladimir oblast), I.A. Glushchenko (Moscow), A.A. Gornaev (Kaluga oblast), N.Y. Guseva (Vladimir oblast), A.Y. Danil'cheva (Kaluga oblast), A.Y. Dmitrakova (Moscow), V.G. Zaycev (Ryazan oblast), M.G. Zvyagincev (Tula oblast), E. A. Ismagilova (Republic of Bashkortostan), V.A. Kokorin (Yaroslavl oblast), M.P. Kopenkina (Saratov), V.V. Korsakov (Ivanovo oblast), D.Y. Kul'kova (Kaluga oblast), N.A. Makseev (Chuvash Republic), V. I. Nekrasov (Yaroslavl oblast), S.A. Popravko (Moscow), T.I. Rus’ (Chuvash Republic), A. A. Samokhin (Kirov oblast), A.V. Samokhin (Nizhny Novgorod oblast), G. V. Minlebaev (Republic of Tatarstan), D. P Samusev, (Moscow oblast), N. N. Doroshenko (Tver), V. N. Demchenko (Tula oblast), E. N. Samokhina (Moscow), Y. V. Osipova (Krasnoyarsk Krai), Y. N. Stupak (Voronezh), I. A. Kiseleva (Ryazan oblast), K. A. Sulyagin (Yaroslavl oblast), K. A. Tyutyukov (Kaliningrad oblast).

The conference was attended by 18 representatives from different countries such as Belarus, Germany, Georgia, India, Kazakhstan, Canada, Pakistan, Poland, Serbia, USA, Tajikistan, Ukraine. Among them were scientists, owners of Family homesteads, public servants and entrepreneurs. In particular, interesting reports were made by D.M. Dopudzha (Serbia), D.N. Zmitrovich (Republic of Belarus), V.I. Lobach (India), X. Mushtak (Pakistan), A.D. Pristavko (Republic of Belarus), N.A.Stekol'nikova (Republic of Belarus), H.S. Homushov (Republic of Tajikistan).

On the basis of theoretical reflection and practical experience achievements, we have analyzed the nature and characteristics of Family homesteads as a unique creative natural environment, the conditions and measures for the realization of the development potential of the Family homesteads and their role in socio-economic transformation of Russia.

At the end of the conference were made recommendations on the compilation of conference materials, preparation of the conceptual foundations of the Family homesteads, were accepted proposals for the preparation of the Federal law “On the Family homesteads” and proposals for hosting the next international conference in June 2018.
26 October 2017, in the framework of the conference there was held a press conference of entrepreneurs D.V. Yaromov, E.V. Brovarec, B.Y. Levin entitled “Family homestead and entrepreneurship” with active participation of scientists, owners of the Family homesteads and entrepreneurs.

The conference was held in enthusiastic and exciting environment combined with diverse cultural events prepared by its participants, and was accompanied by the inclusion of the printing and voice greetings, video, movies, musical and poetic performances, Family homestead and Family homestead settlement demonstration models. Music for Family homesteads were performed by A. V. Subbotin and S. Subbotina, musical composition were performed by T. I. Russ, and V. P. Suyc in the cultural pauses. In the lobby before entering the auditorium and in the auditorium were organized Family homestead exhibition of creativity, selling books and Family homestead layouts presentations.

Graduate students of Faculty of Economics, Moscow State University M.S. Golovin, A. M. Grebenkina, O.B. Lemeshonok, O. V. Shimuk and staff members of the Department of agricultural economics O. M. Zubkova and S.L. Ivleva actively participated in organizing and conducting the conference.

The participants sincerely thank the dean of faculty of economics, professor A. A. Auzan, president of faculty of economics, professor V. P. Kolesov, all faculty service, members of the organizing committee and program committees, as well as D. V. Yaromov for favorable conditions and hospitality.

Conference' program

Department of agricultural economics
26 Oct 2017


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