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Family Homestead — Second Birth of Land

Родовое поместье – второе рождение земли 1.jpg

Today we will tell you about the family homestead and its founders in the Yelabuga district.

Baria and Yuri Mustaev decided to change city life for the rural ten years ago, despite the fact that they had their own vegetable garden in the city. They founded family homestead settlement —118 hectares were taken out of farmland and they delimit them. Nine families moved into settlement for permanent residence. Families are involved in gardening, house construction.

"Bariya Mavlyutovna, why did you choose Cherenga?"

"We were looking for land not only in Elabuga region and not only in Tatarstan. We were looking for a small village with raw land. Here we found and practically revived the dying village. It used to be a big village. But there was a fire in 1980. The residents wanted to relocate to other villages. But many refused to leave their native place. There was no road, there was nothing when we came to Cherenga. There were six residential houses and one abandoned house. In 2010 there was a fire again. Grass caught fire. We were driving to the homestead and we saw grass on fire. We called the fire department and if they did not respond in time, the village would be burned to the ground. However, the uninhabited house burned down, but we managed to save the others. A lot of plantings burned down. I come from a village of Morty. It is difficult to arrange a settlement there, because the village is big and all agricultural land is cultivated. And, as they say: 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do.'"

"Were there any conditions for life?"

"There was no one to create them. The land is poor, not fertile, we're trying to restore it."

"What are you growing on your plots? How are things with the harvest this year? Where do you get water for irrigation and drinking?"

"There was no water at all. There was a well in the ravine, local people took water from there before. Over time, water became rotten, due to swampy terrain. When we started to create settlement, we also drilled the well. Now each homestead has its own well. Every year land keeps getting better. We grow tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, peppers, potatoes, carrots, peas, beans and even watermelons. However, we've had bad luck with the weather this year. Last year we already ate tomatoes at this time, and this year they ripen slowly. The cucumbers have only just begun to grow."

Родовое поместье – второе рождение земли 2.jpg

Родовое поместье – второе рождение земли 3.jpg

Родовое поместье – второе рождение земли 4.jpg

"Do the inhabitants of the settlement have any traditions and customs?"

"There are no traditions as such, we just have a completely different life. For example, our people do not drink alcohol, do not smoke. We have our own non-traditional holidays. For example, Earth Day, Summer and Winter Solstice, Spring and Autumn Equinox. These holidays have lost their value long time ago, but we're trying to revive them. By the way, Earth Day we will celebrate on July 23. We have meetings, conducted by our chairman — Nikolai Ivanov, he is a young, energetic, active man. I used to be chairman."

"How many children are there in the settlement?"

"There are young families with children. There is family with one child, and there is family with three children. One child is attending Lekarevo school, this year he will be in the second grade."

"What is the essence of family homesteads?"

"We first came to Cherenga in 2007. We've been living here for 5 years. First of all, family homestead must be a small homeland, a Space of Love for you and your children. There is a comfortable home, an orchard, a pond, a kitchen garden that provides healthy and delicious food, forest, gazebo for family parties and meetings with friends on the small piece of homeland. The space of the family homestead is decorated with beds of flowers, ornamental plants and avenues of trees, pleasing to the eye. We must strive to create a common renewable ecosystem in the family homestead, in which everything will be in harmony. In the process of family homestead creation purified air, water, increases soil fertility, restoring springs. The inhabitants of these settlements grow organic food. Finally, in family homesteads are born and brought up physically and spiritually healthy children."

Source: New Kama

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