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Galina Samohina. Transition


Once, when my daughter was in 8th grade, she wanted to improve her handwriting. She could see clearly in her mind's eye what her handwriting should look like — height, slope and width of the letters… And she has tried to write in new way. The first results weren’t thrilling for her. The letters danced from side to side, jumped on the line and even pushed under the line, not to mention their thickness and height — she couldn't make them in the same manner. But the worst was the fact that daughter has forgotten how to write like before, her previous handwriting was not perfect but was much better than now. She was desperate and even tried to throw the notebook in frustration, because instead of the desired, she’s got quite another...

However, I supported the daughter, inspiring her confidence and desire to continue. It took another few weeks... and the result has exceeded all expectations! Beautiful, small handwriting now filled the lines of the notebooks. My daughter was happy, enjoying the result of her labor.

And I thought how often this happens in life — we decide to make a transition, we hurry to evaluate the result too soon. The past is gone, we can't bring it back, and a new, desirable, is still far away…Person suddenly stops halfway, looks back and compares  the past with the present… he feels frustrated.

Yes, the transition is not paved with chocolate sweets; it is complicated and requires maximum effort of spiritual and physical forces. Yes, there will always be those who will push you to evaluation of the results even before the completion of transition in order to prove what stupid mistake you did by going on the road... 

But if the dream that inspired you to transition is worth it — you got to go all the way!  

There is a wonderful saying, which I repeat like a mantra, when it gets really difficult during the next transition: “Do your duty, come what may.” I work and work in that direction, and at some point comes the understanding that this transition is completed, and I am surrounded by new, wonderful reality. 

I wish inspiration, patience and wisdom to all those who had decided on transition!

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