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At the All-Russia People's Front Forum it was requested to provide citizens the right to build residential houses for personal use on agricultural land

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Citizens should have the right to build homes on agricultural lands belonging to them according to property rights. Such proposal was made by participants in the thematic platform “Territories of the future: new spaces”, All-Russia People's Front Action Forum “Russia looking into the future”. It is impossible now to build a house on the land provided for agriculture. The thing is, neither the Land Code nor law “On the Circulation of Agricultural Lands” does not provide such possibility.

“The legislation allows the inclusion in the composition of the farm property only buildings related to industrial activity. Land Code of the Russian Federation provides for the possibility of land transfer from one category to another, but in practice this mechanism does not work. Therefore, many citizens have to build a house on their land, but officially presenting it as a barn, cowshed or other outbuildings that are not prohibited to build on agricultural land. It is high time to allow people to legalise these houses and allow other farmers to provide their families with housing, where they spend most time — on their land,” — said the expert of the All-Russia People's Front, the project coordinator of the family homestead in Saratov Oblast Marina Kopenkina.

The President of Russia, the leader of the All-Russia People's Front Vladimir Putin has repeatedly supported the initiative to allow the construction of residential houses for the citizens living and working on agricultural lands. In doing so, the head of state drew attention to the need to take into account all possible risks and called for the specification of the mechanism in order, for example the construction of cottage village on such lands has not started. The President also stressed that construction can be allowed only on those lands which are entered in the relevant registers of agricultural producers.

“However, the government has not engaged in this task until now. Due to the lack of clear legal regulation of the issue of houses construction for farmers, citizens and members of their families on agricultural lands belonging to them by right of ownership significantly inhibited the development of rural areas. Citizens who built their homes under the guise of outbuildings, located in a zone of legal risk, and potential citizens who wish to live and work the land, lose their motivation due to the lack of the ability to build their own family house on their own land,” Kopenkina said.

To address this issue, the experts of the All-Russia People's Front working group “Fair and efficient economy” together with the Association of Peasant (farmer) Farms and Agricultural Cooperatives of Russia (AKKOR) and the Russian Union of Rural Youth conducted a survey of farmers in February-March 2017. The survey involved more than 500 respondents (managers of agricultural enterprises, cooperatives, farms) from the 59 regions. The results of the survey showed that about 90% of respondents supported the proposal to remove restrictions on the houses construction on agricultural land. At the same time, according to 86% of the respondents, the right to obtain a permit for the construction of residential homes should be restricted to owners of land having the status of the farmer, and the buildings themselves should be limited in area and height. As for the maximum plots area allowed for the exclusion from agricultural use for a dwelling house and territory adjacent to the house, most popular answer was — not less than 1 hectare.

Source: http://onf.ru/2017/12/18/na-forume-onf-predlozhili-predostavit-pravo-grazhdanam-stroit-zhilye-doma-d... 

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