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Vladimir Megre Review of “Good on Earth” Film (directed by Irina Volkova)

It is important to note the operator's work - it is very good. Such films should be shown on all channels. More than one thousand films are available online on the initiative of readers. I want to note that these films are the modern book of kin. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren that will live in the family homestead will have the opportunity to see what their grandmother and great-grandmother aspired to. They are sure to love even more the land on which they live. The thoughts and aspirations of the ancestors will connect with the thoughts and aspirations of their descendants. And, therefore, we will never die, because we will move to a new state, both spiritually and materially.
Good luck to you!

Волкова Ирина.jpgAs for the script, I would also add to this film a very interesting story of the Volkov family. About how it all started, who was the initiator. After all, on both sides of the Irina Volkova homestead are located homesteads of her daughters. Each of them may also have an interesting story. Nothing is said about the fact that Irina is an architect by profession; she designed Rodnoe Family Homestead Settlement, Vladimir Oblast. Nothing is said about how her daughter Valentina gave birth to the future owner of the family homestead, her daughter and granddaughter of Irina Volkova in the house located in the homestead. Irina Volkova was being modest. But the best is yet to come.

Good luck to you in the writing of the book of kin for your children.

Vladimir Megre

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