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How to remove your profile

As the questionnaire is an integral part of Your registration on the Portal to remove it from the section on Dating, you should delete Your entire account on the Portal.

To do this, go to the following link, enter the reason for deletion and click "Delete account": http://www.anastasia.ru/en/social/selfdelete/

Also go to the removal of the questionnaire by performing a sequence of actions: log on to the website, then go to menu "Online" - "Personal page" in the right column to open the link: "Delete your page".

You can do that just edittig your profile, put "no" in tune "Looking for" - then Your profile will not be seen in the search results of those who are looking for by the criteria "Your Love", "Friendship/fellowship", etc.
You can also remove your photo and edit the name.
So Your profile will not be viewed by users.

If you have additional problems and questions, if the answer to them, VA can not find in the "Tips" Portal, you can contact the site administrator: http://www.anastasia.ru/en/feedback/

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